Dani B. - Montana

"Working in the healthcare field I know how important nutrition and wellness is. Through research we know that about 70% of the bodies inflammatory markers are in our gut. This is why nutrition is so important to our physical and emotional health. I've worked with numerous nutritionists and Jen Nolan is the best. Her holistic approach sets her apart from the rest. Not only have I learned so much about food and nutrition she has helped me balance my work, family, activity level, and overall stress. Jen is a lifelong learner and has such drive to customize the best individual plan to your needs. She goes above and beyond what is expected. To Jen being a nutritionist and wellness coach is not a job. It is her passion and that shows in every interaction I have had with her. The advice and guidance I have received from Jen has been life changing and has helped not only me but my patients as well. I cannot say enough about her. I feel so fortunate to have met someone who cares so much about others. I truly believe she can help anyone live a healthier lifestyle."

Pris H. - Colorado

"What can I say about Jen? Fun loving and caring. Free Spirit!!! Has a wonderful way of helping others see the greatness and potential they have in their lives. Her commitment with nutrition has been life  changing. She has totally changed mine. Never a negative word but always praise no matter if you get off course she gets you right back on. She has a way of lifting you up. Wonderful friend and we definitely need more like her in the world."

The Metabolic Balance plan has been a lifesaver! As a 50 something
female, I was struggling to feel good. And being an active, athletic
person my whole life, I needed something to get me back on track. It
feels so good to feel good again!
The MB program is now my lifestyle, not a diet.

Thank you Jen for your amazing knowledge, guidance, friendship and support!


Wendy P. - Wisconsin

"My name is Wendy and I have been working with Jen since the beginning of October.  I began the metabolic balance plan on Jen’s recommendation for a way to lose weight and heal my body from a back injury.  The program is easy to follow but harder to commit to.  Thankfully Jen has been with me the entire way.  We have communicated via phone, email and text.  Just last week I was in a 2 day meeting full of donuts, ice cream, pasta and cake and I wouldn’t have gotten through it without Jen's support.  I have lost 17 pounds as of November 17th and am confident that I can stay of the program once I have reached my weight goal and get healthy enough to take part in sports activities"


This program changed everything..Blood sugar, blood pressure, weight...and it would not have happened without Jen’s positive coaching!!!!

-Deb W. - Florida