Nutrition Assessment & Plan

Have you recently been faced with a cancer diagnosis? Preparing for surgery? Have Diabetes, heart disease, major digestive imbalances like IBS or leaky gut or other health issues? Perhaps you are looking to prevent disease through better nutrition and lifestyle? Let’s do some investigative work using a systems approach and look at your current state of health, endocrine system, emotional status, blood sugar, hormones, inflammation, genetics / epigenetics, and so on. We will dig deep into your labs, genes, health & family history, micronutrient levels, possible toxins in your system, etc. Learn about various dietary approaches like the ketogenic diet, a paleo approach and others to help you with your medical diagnosis and overall health improvement from a holistic nutritional standpoint. 

Initial Consult 1.5 Hour $225.00

Follow Up 55 minutes (must include at least 1 follow up session) $90

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Nutrition Coaching

Looking to lose weight, balance hormones and improve overall health? Would you like to improve sleep, have better energy and increase athletic performance? Learn about your body and how you can feed it with an individualized approach. You will be provided with a digital accountability app which is user friendly and keeps you in contact with your coach on a regular basis. Discover how to be your very best and feel amazing. 

Initial Consult 1.5 Hour $130

Follow Up Consult 55 minutes $90


Metabolic Balance

A German medically based and completely customized to your body nutrition plan could be just right for you! No shakes, supplements or powders, just real whole foods which have been selected based on your blood, health history and specific goals. This is a lifestyle nutrition plan which has been formulated to help with weight loss, hormone balancing, lowering inflammation, decreasing pain and increasing energy and overall health. Trust me, it works. To keep you on track and help you every step of the way, the program comes with 7 coaching sessions either in person or via video or phone.

Complete Program (includes coaching sessions, blood draw and customized nutrition plan)


Also Available: Group Workshops, Speaking Engagements & Classes

Please Inquire via phone or email

Grocery Store Tours and Pantry Overhauls

These are fun and very helpful! Must be in Gunnison County Colorado (or we can video call for a pantry overhaul) Price Varies